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Tieline Report-It Enterprise 10 Pack

**IP Codec For iPhone or Android - 10 Pack


Tieline Report-It Live
Tieline Report-It LiveTieline Report-It Live
Tieline Report-It Enterprise 10 Pack Figure 1The Tieline Report-IT Enterprise is the world's first smartphone application that turns your iPhone or android  into a wireless IP audio codec and recorder.

Reporters and remotely located talent can use Report-IT Enterprise to broadcast live, 15kHz low-delay IP audio from any remote location over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi to a Tieline IP-enabled codec in the studio, or use FTP to send prerecorded reports at 20kHz audio quality.

Report-IT Live Enterprise Edition delivers all the features of Report-IT Live with the ability for IT administrators and network engineers to centrally administer all configuration of Report-IT from the studio. This includes preprogramming all IP address, connection and configuration settings remotely via TieServer from the studio, and never exposing these details to reporters and contributors in the field.

This is ten user licenses for the Tieline Report-IT Live Enterprise edition. These licenses can be used with latest iOS and Android versions. Each user can now utilize muliple devices. 

The Enterprise Edition of Report-IT only allows devices access to connect to the studio via password control. This delivers better network security by controlling codec visibility across broadcast networks.

All a reporter has to do is download Report-IT Live Enterprise Edition from the i-Tunes App Store, open the app and enter a preconfigured password that has been provided to them by the studio. All the dialing and connection settings will then be downloaded from the secure Tieline TieServer cloud into the application automatically.

A simple TieServer graphic user interface at the studio provides the interface for network engineers to fully control who has access to dial into their live broadcast networks over IP and how they connect. It is also great for users because there is no technical programming of Report-IT required whatsoever. Reporters just download the app, login via a password and press 'Connect' to dial into the studio quickly and securely.

iPhone or Android phone, not included.

• Audio over IP
• SmartStream IP
• 3G
• 4G
• WiMax
• Satellite
• X.21

Tieline Report-IT Live Enterprise Features:
• IT administrators and network engineers can centrally administer all configuration of Report-IT from the studio
• One-touch connections with the ability to view connection statistics and renegotiate connection bit-rate based on available data bandwidth capabilities
• Bidirectional 15kHz mono audio supporting live two-way interviews and communications
• Report Live, Record a Report, or Report Live and Record simultaneously
• Export recordings using live streaming to a Tieline studio codec
• Export 20kHz recordings via FTP (FTP formats WAV and AAC-LC)
• Insert pre-recorded grabs and interviews while you are broadcasting live to the studio
• Copy and Paste recorded audio into other iPhone editing apps
• View connection statistics and renegotiate connection bit-rates
• Store, playback and edit recording details
• Audio Editing: Top and tail, or highlight and save only the best elements of your audio recording for live playout or FTP transfer
• Manage and playback recordings, retransmit them to the studio, or upload them to FTP servers

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