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VX Console Controller (Electronics Package 2001-00358)


Want a VX system, but don’t have an Axia mixing console? No problem—Telos provides VSet Console Controller electronics packages, which may be fitted to your console using panels supplied by your OEM console provider or preferred third-party fabricator. Like the VSet12 phoneset, the VSet Console Controller provides visual linestatus indicators and fast-take keys for selection and control of up to 12 callers, along with standard controls such as Take, Drop, Hold and Busy keys, and the Telos-exclusive “Next Call” key to speed workflow for producers, screeners, and talent. There’s also a built-in keypad for on-console dialing of outgoing numbers.

**Please Note: This device does not come with faceplate or power supply. Only two displays and the buttons connected to circuit boards are included in purchase.

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