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Inovonics 510 RDS RBDS Monitor B-Stock



Inovonics 510 RDS/RBDS Monitor B-StockIn Stock
Inovonics 510 RDS/RBDS Monitor B-Stocknovonics 510 RDS/RBDS Monitor B-Stock
Get a great price on this factory Bstock unit from Inovonics. Inspected and repackaged at the factory and carries Inovonics 3 year Warranty!

The Inovonics 510 connects to the composite/MPX output of any FM receiver or modulation monitor to display all the RDS/RBDS radio-data groups. The backlighted LCD readout displays station, format and program IDs, alternative frequencies, text and in-house messages, traffic and emergency alerts, plus the subcarrier injection level in percent-modulation. A rear-panel RS-232 port allows further analysis or archiving of received data. The 510 conforms to European CENELEC and American NRSC standards. 
510's Features:
• Easy installation - simply connect the 510 to the Composite Output jack of any Modulation Monitor or receiver
• 80-character LCD display
• Setup mode references 100% carrier modulation with digital precision
• Unique Glossary utility defines the RDS/RDBS abbreviations
• Built-in RS-232 port provides a 2-way computer interface
• Displays all radio-data groups: flags, codes, radiotext and more
510's Specifications:
• STANDARDS SUPPORTED: European CENELEC and United States NRSC standards are accommodated with     appropriate software versions.
• GROUPS SUPPORTED: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 14, 15.
• FRONT PANEL READOUT : The backlighted LCD panel displays 2 lines of 40 characters, each. Data groups that carry plain-text messages are supported with a full set of ASCII characters, plus certain language-specific alternate characters. Hexadecimal values are shown for other data groups, depending on the software version supplied.
• DISPLAY SELECT BUTTONS: Front-panel “up/down” buttons manually cycle through the various LCD “screens” of RDS/RBDS data. When both buttons are depressed simultaneously, the Model 510 displays a Glossary of RDS/RBDS Terms.
• COMPOSITE INPUT: 10k-ohm, unbalanced/bridging input accepts 1-10V p-p, corresponding to 100% carrier deviation. RS-232
• DATA INTERFACE: Rear-panel DB-9 socket may be connected directly to the COM (serial) port of an IBM-compatible PC.
• POWER REQUIREMENTS: 105-130VAC and 210-260VAC; 50/60Hz; 20W.
• SIZE AND SHIPPING WEIGHT:23” x 16” x 2” (2U); 8 lbs/584mm x 406mm x 51mm ; 3.6 kg

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