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DM Engineering MSRE-BSTOCK

Multi Station Relay Expander BSTOCK


The Multi Station Relay Expander (MSRE & MSRE-RM) is a microprocessor based, six form "C" relay output accessory for the Sage-Endec EAS and DASDEC series of encoder-decoders (endec). It is primarily designed to control AES Digital Routing Switches and Ethernet Switches or Routers for digital audio control from your endec, and expands the allowable controlled number of stations from a single endec to up to a total of four. There are two relays for each station assignment, but may be programmed to operate individually if desired.

This model, the MSRE, is compatible with both the original Sage-Endec SE1822 and the new Digital 3644, as well as the DASDEC series of encoder-decoders. The endec has embedded programming that allows three additional stations, in addition to the station controlled within the endec itself, to be controlled using Multi Station Relay devices such as the DM Engineering MSRE. All digital commands are supplied by the endec, and the MSRE interprets these commands to select the appropriate relays for control of the external switching or routing devices.

The MSRE digital communication with the endec is via an RS232 COM port on the endec. A recessed front panel “Test” switch is also provided for aiding in the system setup and testing.

The MSRE uses 6 high quality bifurcated gold over silver nickel contact sealed relays, one relay for each left and each right channel circuit, and is also designed to remain transparent during any power failure condition.

All outputs are connected using large 5mm Eurostyle screw type pluggable connectors for wiring ease and connection reliability. Power is supplied by a 9VDC 500Ma power module which is included, as well as a 7' Data cable for connection to the endec COM port.

Front panel LED indicators are provided for “Power” and “Station” left and right relay activation during an EAS event.

1U rack mount systems (MSRE-RM) and table top units (MSRE) are both available.

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