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Web-based 4 Input/4 Relay Remote Control Interface with email, and logging BSTOCK


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The I/O Sentinel® 4 G2 is a robust, full-featured Ethernet based data acquisition and remote-control device with four optically isolated status (logic) inputs and four programmable relays. The I/O Sentinel® 4 G2’s four optically isolated status/logic inputs may be configured for wet or dry (contact closure) status/logic monitoring. The four one-amp SPDT relay outputs may be configured for ON, OFF, pulsed or reboot operation.

The I/O Sentinel® 4 G2 can be controlled and monitored locally and/or remotely over any IP network, including private networks, IP-based industrial control networks, and the Internet. Users can operate the product using a web browser or web-enabled mobile device. Email notification may be configured to alert up to eight email or SMS-email addresses. Logging of system status, along with the site ID may be emailed in time spans from once an hour to once a day. SNMP traps and SET/GET to allow multiple units to be monitored and controlled with SNMP management software.

The I/O Sentinel® 4 G2 may be paired with a second I/O Sentinel® 4 G2 to form an IP-based “4 Channel Bi-directional Status/Relay Extension Cord”.

Main Features
• Four optically isolated inputs configurable for dry signals or wet signals (5-24 VDC, or 25-48 VDC via an external resistor.)
• Four SPDT relay outputs.
• Plug-in euro-block screw terminals for status and relay connections.
• Built-in web server provides simple, web-based (HTML5) notification, monitoring, configuration, and control.
• Email and SMS-email alarm notification for input, outputs, and logs.
• Remote control and monitoring via SNMP GET/SET and traps.
• Logging of all user selected input status with site ID information which may be emailed from once an hour to once a day, along with hourly snap-shot functionality.
• Nine front panel I/O activity LED indicators.
• Rear panel RJ-45, 10/100base-T LAN/Ethernet interface.
• Fully RFI proofed.
• Surge protected power supply. Domestic power supply provided.
• Three units may be mounted on one RA-1 one-RU 19” rack shelf.

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