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X Core System frame ONLY, 4u x 19", 21 slots rear side to install input and output modules, 20 slots



Broadcast audio mixing, processing and distribution matrix. When specifically configured, it can work as the audio engine of an ATRIUM console or set of consoles. It can also operate as a general purpose audio matrix, intercom matrix or a combination of both.

When operating as an ATRIUM system, it can handle up to 1024 audio inputs and outputs. It is completely modular and provides redundancy at all levels of the system. Inputs and outputs are provided through specific Audio interface cards that can be installed in the required quantities: AES/ EBU, S/PDIF or USB, analogue line, microphone and headphones, dark-fiber long-range 64-channel MADI links and proprietary fiber optic links with more than 1000 channels, among others.

Further, when using 64 channels Dante AoIP input/output cards, signals can be exchanged using IP with other DanteTM-AES67 compatible equipment. An X_CORE frame can accommodate as many Dante AoIP cards as required, and they can be connected to one or several Gigabit Ethernet networks. It can also ingest and export audio streams in SMPTE ST 2110-30 format, that go along with IP video signals.

Main Features:
• There are 20 slots reserved for DSP cards at the front of the chassis. These cards perform audio processing and communications crosspoints. This is done dynamically, allowing for the installation of backup cards, that in the event of a DSP card failure are able to automatically assume the function for any of the cards.
• There are two kinds of slots at the back of the unit. Two of them are reserved for the controller cards. One is of course required but a second one can be installed for redundancy. Further, there are 21 slots dedicated to I/O interface cards for the different required audio formats.
• A back-panel is located in the middle of the Chassis and is the point of connection for the I/O Boards and the DSP’s and also provides the transmission media for the system’s 1024-channel TDM bus.

**This item is the frame only. Modules are not included in purchase. Call BSW for module options!

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