Goldline DSP30
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Goldline DSP30

Digital Portable RTA w/MK8A Mic


The DSP30 series RTAs from Gold Line offer cutting edge technology and convenience at an affordable price. There are two models to choose from.The DSP30 is a portable unit in a high-impact strength ABS case.Features: an 85dB window which is not limited by the display; automatic sum and average functions; scales from .25 to 5 dB; adjustable filters for triple tuned or sharper; SPL and weighted curves (Flat," A", "C", or user defined); 6 active memories expandable to 30 with optional EEPROM and a 600 ohm, differential balanced, condenser microphone. Goldline offers a host of options to customize your DSP system to your liking, just give us a call for detailed information. DSP30 models require optional pink noise source such as PN2 or PN3.

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