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Telos Nx12 Digital Talkshow System - ISDN
NX12 6 Two-Channel ISDN Lines, Livewire and Analog I/O (2001-00210)

BSW PART: 2001-00210

Telos Nx12
Telos Nx122001-00210Telos Nx12
This hybrid for the Telos Nx12 system offers 6 ISDN U (2B1Q 2-wire) + Analog I/O. (Each ISDN line has two B channels for two dial tones).

About the Nx12 system: The Telos Nx12 is a powerful 12-line phone system offering state-of-the-art hybrid technology with support for both ISDN and POTS phone lines, including caller ID. A self-contained system, it sports four advanced Telos hybrids that can be used in single- or dual-studio configurations, and comes equipped with analog or AES inputs/outputs.

Note: If you order analog I/Os, two hybrids are accessible. With digital I/O models, four hybrids are accessible. Many configurations are available. Call BSW today for more details.

To ensure that caller audio sounds its best, each of Nx12's four hybrids is equipped with its own Omnia AGC and noise gate, using the latest DSP algorithms to make caller-to-caller consistency better than ever, no matter how high or low the caller's gain is. In addition to hybrid cancellation, there's also echo cancellation to handle those tricky VoIP and cellular callers. It boasts all the bells and whistles producers and talent rely on to make their lives easier, including Telos' exclusive Status Symbols visual call management system, remote control keys for profanity delay and record devices.

The rackmount hybrid and control surfaces are sold separately. For answering the phone, choose from the TWOX12DD Desktop Director, 2001-00072 Extended Desktop Director and 2001-00143 Call Controller.

The optional 3001-00003 Assistant Producer v3.5 call screening software operates with Microsoft Windows and provides instant communication between producers and hosts with detailed on-screen line and caller status, allows remote screening/supervision of talk shows via LAN or WAN.

Nx12 System Features:
• New symmetrical AGC and noise gate by Omnia better controls loud as well as soft callers
• Input/Output via Livewire Audio-over-IP, and AES or Analog
• When coupled with an Axia Element Console, advanced control is possible using the Element's Call Control or Phone Fader modules
• POTS, ISDN (S), ISDN (U) or mixed 50-50 configurations available
• Studio Adaption and pitch shifter help prevent feedback in situations where open speakers are required
• Adjustable caller override improves performance and allows you to individualize the degree to which the announcer ducks the caller audio
• DDEQ-Digital dynamic EQTM and adjustable smart-level AGC by Omnia keep audio consistent from call to call
• Status SymbolsTM, Caller ID (POTS and ISDN) and remote control of a recorder or delay unit make life easier for harried producers and talent
• Largest selection of control surfaces to fit your console and budget
• Built-in web server makes for fast configuration and remote monitoring
• Flexible metering makes installation or troubleshooting easy
• Call Screening and remote control using Assistant Producer 3, or a wide variety of third party software packages
• Function buttons and Parallel Outputs for remote control of Delay and Recorders
• All Telos products include a 5 year warranty


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