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B-Stock Items from BSW
In most cases, these are items that were delivered to a customer and immediately returned because the item was not wanted. Usually the box was opened and then repacked. We make extensive visual inspections and confirm the product is in like-new condition with all the manufacturer supplied accessories and documentation. Under most circumstances, the manufacturers warranty still is valid. There may be some slight scratches or cosmetic blemishes but they will be very minimal if at all.

C-Stock Items from BSW
These items have had some light use and cannot be sold as new or in a B-Stock condition. C-Stock items may be re-boxed and not in factory packing, might lack product manuals and documentation and could have cosmetic flaws or minimal damage. In most cases the factory warranty will not apply. BSW offers you the opportunity to test the unit and approve the purchase after you receive it. We won’t leave you hanging.

Refurbished Items From BSW
Products designated as refurbished have been through factory service and cannot be sold as new. Factory documentation is usually provided but may lack original accessories and factory packing. These items generally represent an outstanding value if a new or B-Stock unit is not necessary.

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