The last thing you want to have happen at a venue is to discover that you're lacking a few mic clips, mic stands or other seemingly minor yet incredibly indispensable microphone accessories. Browse our huge selection, stock up, and be safe, not sorry.

Windscreens - When it comes to microphones, the less wind, the smoother the sailing.
Miscellaneous Accessories - Cleaners, gaffer's tape, adapters and more.
Microphone Booms Maximize your mic placement with these sturdy booms.
Microphone Stands - Stands of all sizes, all the sizes you need.
Shock Mounts - At a gig, the only vibrations you want are good vibrations.
Clips - The more you have of these, the better.
Pop Filters - The less P-Popping, the better the bopping.
Microphone Cases - Rugged and roadworthy.
Goosenecks - Onstage, you'll need all the flexibility you can get.
Splitters And Combiners - Send your signals where they need to be.
Phantom Power Supplies - Make sure your condenser mics are juiced up.

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Electrovoice 78297PKG
*4 Pack Suspension Cord For 309A

4 Replacement rubber suspension cords for the 309A shock mount for Electro-Voice RE20, RE27N/D and RE320 microphones.

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Electrovoice 309A
Shockmount for the RE20, RE320 and RE27ND Microphones

The Electro-Voice 309A suspension shock mount was designed specifically for use with the RE20 and RE27N/D dynamic microphones. It provides near-perfect shock isolation for the already internally [...]

In Stock

Electrovoice 314E
Windscreen For 635A

Windscreen for 635A microphone.

In Stock

Electrovoice SAPL-3
Microphone Stand Adaptor For PL37

Fits the Electrovoice PL37 mic like a proverbial charm.

Available in December

Electrovoice SAPL-2
Microphone Stand Adaptor For PL33

This mic stand adaptor is a perfect fit for the Electrovoice PL33 kick drum mic.

Usually Available in 1-2 Weeks

Electrovoice WSPL-1
Foam Windscreen-blk,for PL24, 24s,44,80a,80c,84,84s

This multitasking windscreen fits all of the Electrovoice PL series vocal mics.

Usually Available in 1-2 Weeks

Electrovoice WSPL-3
Foam Windscreen - blk For PL35

Heavy breathing in the drum room? This dependable windscreen enhances the performance of the Electrovoice PL35 drum mic.

Usually Available in 1-2 Weeks

Electrovoice WSPL-4
Foam Windscreen-blk For PL37

This black windscreen for the Electrovoice PL37 always rises to the occasion.

Usually Available in 1-2 Weeks