Broadcast Devices DPS100
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Broadcast Devices DPS100

Power Sensor


The DPS-100 Power Sensor series from Broadcast Devices, Inc.. provide a true RMS to D.C. conversion of R.F. samples taken from standard directional couplers or R.F. sample elements. These high qualitiy sensors are designed to provide accurate measurement of power over a 50 dB dynamic range which makes the DPS-100 series well suited for analog and digital power meausrement. Sensor input is a standard B.N.C. connector and is terminated in 50 ohms. The DPS-100 supplies an accurate D.C. representation of power output of both ports. The DPS-100D provides a standard RS- 485 protocol interface for connection to serial communication devices. The DPS-100D provides power VSWR, temperature and interlock status contained in the serial data stream for direct interrogation by external serial devices. The DPS-100 supplies power and temperature information with D.C. voltage representations and a switch closure is passed through to the signal connector.

The DPS-100 series sensors are an improvement over thermal power and diode detector measurement techniques. The DPS-100 series maintain better temperature stability and are designed to measure power in multi carrier situations such as master antenna and wireless applications. The DPS-100 series is also designed to handle waveforms with high crest factors such as typically found in digital TV/radio broadcast and wireless protocols.

The DPS-100 series sensors interface to any standard R.F. directional couplers such as the ERI CD series coupler. A nominal 0 dBm signal is recommended for best linearity and stability.

The DPS-100 series sensors are supplied with a mounting bracket for mounting on rigid transmission line directional couplers. The DPS series is part of a family of RF monitor and protection devices available from BDI.

•True RMS to DC conversion
•Dual 50 ohm RF Ports
•D.C. Output or RS-485 Output Version Available - DPS-100D
•Temperature Sensor Plug in for use with TMP-100 Sensor
•Interlock Connection Plug in - Accepts any SPST switch closure for interlock protection

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