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Inovonics 531 FM Off-Air Modulation Monitor
FM Off-Air Modulation Monitor (531-00)

BSW PART: 53100


The Inovonics 531 combines a frequency-agile, wideband FM receiver with very linear demodulation and metering circuitry for precise measurement of carrier modulation. This second-generation FM Modulation Analyzer maintains the traditions of performance and value found in its very popular predecessor, with new features that enhance performance.

Synthesized, push-button tuning with one-touch memory entry permits instant comparisons between any station and its market companions. Readouts of signal strength, multipath distortion and synchronous AM noise qualify the incoming signal and validate the measurements. The 531 presents easy-to-read and accurate displays of total carrier modulation and demodulated stereo audio. Alarm tallies enable remote indications of various transmission and reception faults.

531's Features:
•Built-in preselector for precise off-air measurements
•Synthesized tuning
•Seven station presets may be recalled by remote control
•Bright, accurate bargraph metering showing: Total Modulation, Stereo Program Audio, Subcarrier Injection, Incidental AM Noise, Signal Strength and Multipath
•Alarms: Overmodulation (peak flasher), Carrier Loss, Excessive Multipath, Audio Loss (loss of either program channel; alarm follows a delay that can be programmed from the front panel between 10 seconds and 2 minutes.)
•Rear-panel terminals present open-collector NPN switch closures to ground concurrent with these front-panel faults.
531's Specifications:
•TUNING RANGE: 87.9MHz to 108.1MHz (100kHz steps)
•SENSITIVITY: 10μV (10dBf) for 50dB mono quieting; 250μV (60dBf) is usually required for valid off-air modulation measurements.
•INPUTS: F-Connector antenna input (75 Ohm), BNC high-level RF input, Baseband: A BNC composite/MPX input to the stereo decoder and sub-carrier accepts levels of 1Vp-p or greater •OUTPUTS: Baseband: A BNC composite/MPX demod output delivers 3Vp-p at 100% modulation, Stereo Program Outputs: the balanced XLR stereo program outputs deliver +4dBm, Front-panel headphone jack (1/4 in.) for monitoring the stereo program, AM Noise Output: BNC (synchronous/asynchronous). AM noise output is also routed to the headphone jack in the noise measurement mode
•CARRIER MODULATION DISPLAY:This bargraph display has quasi-peak response with a ‘floating dot’ peak-hold function. It normally shows total peak carrier modulation, but independent positive or negative deviation readings may also be selected. With 100% corresponding to ±75kHz carrier deviation, the display has 1% resolution between 120% and 80%, and 2% resolution between 80% and 46%. Measurement integration may be jumpered for 0.1ms, 0.2ms, 0.5ms or 1.0ms.
•PEAK FLASHER: The flasher is digitally programmable from the front panel in 1% increments between 95% and 125%.
•PILOT/SUBCARRIER MEASUREMENTS: Measurement filters are included for 19kHz, 38kHz, 57kHz, 67kHz and 91kHz. Injection levels between 2.6% and 14% are displayed with 0.2% resolution.
•DEMOD METERING DISPLAY: A dual bargraph shows L / R or L+R / L–R program audio. The display is peak-responding between +10dB and –30dB, and average-responding between –30dB and –64dB. This display also switches to show relative AM noise.
•PROGRAM DE-EMPHASIS: An internal jumper selects the 75μs or 50μs characteristic. Deemphasis may be defeated with a front-panel button.
•OFF-AIR PERFORMANCE: Frequency Response: ±0.5dB, 20Hz-15kHz, Noise :better than 65dB below 100% modulation (with de-emphasis), Distortion: <0.25%THD at 100% modulation, Stereo Separation: typically 50dB (>60dB with baseband input), Crosstalk Measurement: M/S and S/M crosstalk via the stereo sum/difference method
•POWER REQUIREMENTS: 105-130VAC and 210-260VAC; 50/60Hz; 20W.
•SIZE AND SHIPPING WEIGHT: 23” x 16” x 5” (2U); 14 lbs/584mm x 406mm x 127mm ; 6.4 kg

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