Kelley Sullivan, Sales Representative


Preferred title
Borg Queen. Resistance is futile!


Favorite thing about your job:  It’s just like being back in radio – without the pile of production or having to do an air shift!  

When not working: Hiking & camping when I can, playing guitar & keyboards, reading, catching some Sci-Fi, and keeping myself out of trouble…mostly.

On my Radio: Classic Rock, Oldies, NPR


Worst advice ever“Just keep turning all the knobs randomly and eventually you’ll land them all on the right settings!”



Favorite TV:  Simpsons, Family Guy, Big Bang Theory, Nova, South Park, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Star Trek (any!) and My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic. 

Dream dinner guests: Neil deGrasse Tyson, George Takei, the Dalai Lama, Jean Auel, and Tina Fey

Favorite vacation destination: Lucky for me I’m already here! The Pacific Northwest is a very beautiful place to be. I would like to visit Ireland one day.

Kelley's Bio
 Kelley was born and lived on the East Coast most of her life. She started her radio career in eastern North Carolina where she was an on-air talent, production director and, later, program director. Kelley has worked a variety of formats – Rock, Hot AC/CHR, Oldies, Alternative, and more – in nearly every shift on the clock. As a producer she helped her radio station take the NC Association of Broadcaster’s Best of the Best award for commercial production in 1999. Kelley eventually moved to Florida where she continued to work in broadcast and as a self-employed voice-over artist.  She moved to the Seattle area in the mid 00’s and, while looking for radio work, stumbled upon the company she used to buy her equipment from and, lucky for her, they were nice enough to give her a job.  



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