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Comrex DH30
Digital Hybrid with Acoustic Echo Cancellation (9500-0650)


Comrex's top-of-the-line DH30 digital hybrid provides the highest quality audio interface between your telephone line and audio equipment. With its 24-bit digital signal processing, it's an excellent hybrid for use with your digital or analog console. Features: 3 remote-accessible presets; auto mix-minus; adjustable compressor and expander; acoustic echo cancellation; 3-band digital EQ; balanced analog XLR I/O; balanced digital AES/EBU I/O.
Main Features:
•Remote controllable presets
•Password protected
•24-bit digital signal processing (DSP)
•AES/EBU digital or analog audio input and output
•Record and Cue functions
•Selectable auto mix-minus
•Selectable acoustic echo cancellation
•Selectable auto answer and disconnect
•Integrated monitor amp with front-panel volume control
•Remote control via contact closures or RS-232
•Adjustable caller control (ducking)
•Adjustable three-band equalizer
•Adjustable compressor and expander
•Bass boost
•Microphone send and cue preamps
•Automatically accepts all worldwide voltages
•Three selectable presets for customized audio
•Worldwide compliant including FCC, CSA, CE, CTR 21

For instructions on how to hook up a telephone hybrid to a mixer for recording phone interviews, look below or click on this How-To pdf.

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