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Passive Direct Box


We forget which rock star said, “I'd rather go onstage without my pants than without my direct box,” but whoever it was, he exposed a universal truth. If you are in the business of making sound, sooner or later you will need a good direct box, and the ART PDB is all that and more.

The PDB Passive Direct Box is a road-rugged DI for connection of the outputs of electronic musical instruments (or other audio sources) to the balanced inputs of mixer consoles and other balanced inputs. It also lets you connect a music source to an instrument amplifier while simultaneously patching it to a mixer.

Whether you need to translate the high impedance signal of electric guitars and basses into a low impedance balanced signal required by mixing consoles, or balance and match the line level outputs of modern electric keyboards, or convert the unbalanced signal from DJ mixers to a balanced one before it reaches the console, or to feed an amplifier's EQ and effects settings directly into the mixing console, the ART PDB will get the job done—quietly, without fanfare, and at a price as modest as the unit itself.

Main Features:
• Ground Lift- Switchable
• Input Attenuation- Switchable (0dB, -20dB, -40dB)
• Instrument Input- 50k Ohm
• Output Jack- 600 Ohm XLR Output Jack
• Parallel Link- Jack 50k Ohm

List Price: $45.00
Usually Available in 1-2 Weeks
You Saved:
$10.00 (22%)

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