Audioarts R55E
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Audioarts R55E

8 Channel On Air Console R-55e-8


Audioarts R-55e modular consoles are available in 8-, 12- and 18-input mainframes and feature illuminated LED switches as well as flip-up meter bridges that provide direct access to I/O connectors and dipswitches. They boast a sleek, low profile countertop design, with opto-isolated logic control and built-in machine interface.

The R-55e-8 boasts 8 stereo line input modules (9 max), four built-in mic preamps, a control room/studio monitor module and an output module (the phone input (blue fader) and second studio module shown are optional).

Audioarts R-55e-8 Features:
• 8-input mainframe
• True modular construction
• Electronic switching throughout
• 2 VU meter pairs (PGM and Switched)
• 2 stereo program buses, 2 mono buses
• Low-profile countertop installation
• Built-in cue speaker with amplifier and external cue line output
• All switches LED illuminated
• Extensive control room and studio monitoring
• Phone support (up to 2 callers)
• 1 master module position
• 2 monitor module positions
• Dual studio support
• Dual headphone support
• Talkback
• Flip-up meter bridge
• A/B Inputs
• Automatic timer and clock
• Connectorized faders and monitor pots
• Connectorized channel ON/OFF switches
• Concealed headphone jacks
• External rackmount power supply
• Steel construction
• Installation kit with crimp tool and connectors included

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