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Telos ProStream
Streaming Audio Encoder


Telos ProStream
Telos ProStreamPROSTREAM

Since radio stations first began streaming audio to the Internet, they've wanted to be free of reliance on error-prone PCs with noisy consumer sound cards. Traditional streaming solutions demanded one computer to process audio, a second to encode it, and a third to stream it. Telos ProSTREAM gives broadcasters the freedom they've craved by integrating all of these functions in a single streaming appliance.

The Telos ProSTREAM streaming audio encoder uses genuine MPEG encoding algorithms from FhG, the inventors of MP3, to ensure the most artifact-free sound quality at whatever bit rate you choose. You can encode directly to MP3 or MPEG-AAC and feed any Shoutcast-compatible media server, or a Wowza server for streaming to Flash clients.

ProSTREAM puts you in total control of your audio streams. The intuitive web interface provides remote control of all functions including creation and editing of processing presets with an easy-to-use preset editor. Because it's web-based, you can access these functions from any browser-equipped computer on your network. But there are convenient front-panel controls too, so you can manage your most-frequently needed functions right from the rack.

ProSTREAM lets you adjust the audio input levels, define a metadata source, select a processing preset, codec, and bitrate (and even select a target media server). There's also a built-in headphone amp with 1/4" jack and volume control for monitoring input or output audio.

ProSTREAM comes standard with studio-grade analog inputs and outputs, which can be changed to AES/EBU with an optional card. On the input side, you can use Livewire IP-Audio as an audio source. And on the output side, ProStream delivers fully processed, unencoded audio as well as encoded audio, giving you another source for processed sound. Full network connectivity is provided via two Ethernet jacks, one for the LAN (including Livewire) and the other for the WAN and streaming.

ProSTREAM is neatly self-contained in a 1RU box. Just slide it into a rack and it's ready to go.


Telos ProSTREAM Features:
• Studio reference audio fidelity using genuine Fraunhofer MPEG-AAC and MP3 compression algorithms
• Supports output bit rates from 16kbps to 320 kbps (dependent upon active codec)
• Supports direct output to Wowza, ICEcast, Adobe Flash Media, Live365, SHOUTcast and SHOUTcast v2 servers
• Multiple metadata input templates include parsers for NexGen, Simian, iMediaTouch and Jazler radio automation software (more formats may be added easily via ProSTREAM's Web-based interface)
• Ensures the best-possible quality at the conversion stage with a pro-grade 24-bit A/D converter
• Professional-grade I/O with both Livewire and balanced analog (XLR) inputs and outputs
• Built-in webserver for remote control of all device settings, plus mini stream-server for remote confirmation of audio presence and output
• All Telos products include a 5 year warranty
• Front-panel controls include OLED display for in-person setup and process metering, plus 1⁄4" TRS headphone jack with volume control
• Three-band Omnia audio processing with wideband AGC, HFEQ, LP filter and look-ahead limiting
• Separate LAN and WAN ports let you stream audio while keeping studio network isolated from the outside world
• Multiple ProSTREAM devices can exist on the same network, allowing generation of multiple bit rates or streaming to different media server platforms 


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