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Multi-Channel Codec


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The APT Multi-Channel Codec can also be used for audio transport over T1/E1 . On the 1U Frame, it can accomodate up to 3 slimline audio cards delivering simplex/duplex and analog/digital audio via a universal 37-way D-type connector. In the 3U Frame, up to 6 contribution modules can be fitted. There are over 15 different varities of contribution modules available offering simplex / duplex, analog / digital or phase-matched audio as well as modules for auxiliary data and voice transport.

The T1/E1 module is one of the most common choices for audio transport due to the reliability and widespread availability of T1 and E1 circuits. APT E1/T1 module rearOn the 3U Frame, there are two physical slots to accommodate transport modules: one for the main circuit and a second for backup, bridging or crossover of up to four lines. A single slot is available on the 1U Frame. The E1 module is available with both RJ45 and BNC connectors.

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Main Features:
• Line Redundancy - Each module comprises two T1/E1 framer devices and two line interfaces enabling line redundancy.
• Drop & Insert - The T1/E1 module provides a failsafe circuit that, in the event of total failure of the module, connects the upstream T1/E1 circuit to the downstream T1/E1 circuit, thereby preserving the integrity of the data path to any other devices on the network ring
• Hot Standby Module Backup - The T1/E1 module also provides an intercard high speed connection to indicate its health condition to the second stand-by multiplexer (if fitted). In the event of bad status, the backup module takes over the whole payload from the active device, minimizing disruption.
• Contribution Data & Clocking - Any data received by the X.21 port is then placed onto the T1/E1 transport link. In combination with the external clock input, this module provides versatile system timing options to connect to almost any network.

There are various different varieties of pre-configured, plug-in audio modules for the Multi-Channel Frame. All modules provide an interface I/O board with standard XLR connectors or a 37-way D Type. With up to 2 physical slots for transport and 6 for payload on the 3U frame, a maximum of 24 simplex and 12 duplex channels are possible. Four physical slots on the 1U chassis allow the population of up to three payload modules (Audio or Aux) and one T1/E1 transport card. This results in 12 simplex and 6 duplex channels.

FLEXIBLE ANALOG OR AES/EBU CONFIGURATIONS Each module offers four audio channels which can be either four encode, four decode or two encode and two decode. Offering a high level of flexibility and channel density, the simplex modules can operate either as dual stereo or quad mono cards.

CHANNEL ROUTING Individual channels can be enabled and disabled or routed to different destinations. For example, on a T1/E1 link, stereo A can go to the main T1/E1 link and stereo B on the secondary / drop and insert circuit.

BROADCAST GRADE AUDIO Exceptional audio quality can be delivered using either Enhanced apt-X audio coding or the pure linear PCM/uncompressed option. Using low delay, Enhanced apt-X at high quality 16-Bit resolution, the APT Multi-Channel Codec can combine up to 6 fully duplex 15kHz stereo programs on a single T1 line or 7 on an E1 line.

EXTENDED INTEROPERABILITY Other coding and companding options available include MPEG1/2 Layer II, J.57 and J.41.

PHASE-MATCHING FOR SURROUND SOUND On the 3U Frame. 6 duplex audio channels or 12 simplex audio channels, provided by three audio cards of a kind, can be phase locked in order to provide a true surround sound image for 5.1 Radio Broadcasts.

AUDIO BACK-UP Additional variants of audio module are also available to provide increased levels of redundancy and back-up. These include a Digital Duplex card with Simultaneous Analog Outputs and a Digital Duplex card with Automatic Input Back-up with Analog Inputs.

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