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iPad 2 Mic Tabletop Holder


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Strength and stability! The mobile table stand for your iPad. The iPad is held safe and secure thanks to the sturdy steel base. With this high-quality table stand, you can easily read, write, surf the Internet or just view pictures or videos without any vibrations. The iPad clips in and out of the holder effortlessly. An easy-to-use wing nut adjusts the tilt so that every user can adapt the viewing angle to suit them optimally. The iPad can be rapidly switched between the vertical and horizontal format without slipping.

Special features: to be attached to tubes up to 1.181? diameter; iPad 2 is easily clipped into the holder; dock-connector and headphone jack are accessible; freely rotatable by 90°; alternatively: can be screwed on to 3/8? thread connectors; suitable for iPad 2 / new iPad (3)

• Bearing plate: 9.925 x 7.693"
• Material: plastic
• Max. load capacity: 1.652 lbs
• Swivel: 90 º
• Type: black
• Weight: 1.762 lbs

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