JK Audio Daptor One
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JK Audio Daptor One

Cellular Phone Audio Adaptor


JK Audio Daptor One
JK Audio Daptor OneJK Audio Daptor One
Daptor One converts the 2.5mm headset jack on your wireless cellular phone to a modular phone line jack. This modular RJ-11 jack connects directly to any JK Audio RemoteMix series mixer.

Daptor One was designed to take advantage of the increasing number of wireless phones that accept third party headsets and earpiece headsets. We've designed a circuit which emulates the electrical characteristics of these headsets. Daptor One will work with all wireless phones that accept generic third party headsets. While some wireless phones have the 2.5 mm jack directly on the phone, others require a headset adapter which converts their proprietary connector into the 2.5mm jack.

Daptor One contains a mini hybrid circuit that converts these earpiece and microphone signals into a balanced RJ11 phone line signal. The mic signals from the RemoteMix are sent into the wireless phone, while the earpiece signals from the wireless phone are sent into the RemoteMix Headphones. The hybrid circuit minimizes crosstalk between transmit and receive which would create unwanted echo on both the RemoteMix and far end side of the call. You will continue to use your wireless phone to dial or answer the call, but you will use the microphones and headphones plugged into your RemoteMix during the call.

Main Features:
•Works with many wireless phones
•Hybrid circuit minimizes echo
•No battery or AC needed

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