Orban 5518 Stereo Encoder
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Orban 5518 Stereo Encoder

Optimod-5518FM Stereo Encoder with Limiter

BSW PART: 5518

The Orban OPTIMOD-FM 5518 stand-alone stereo encoder combines look-ahead and band-limited clipping techniques to control STL-induced overshoots while minimizing artifacts.

The 5518 is the ideal choice for network broadcasters who process with an FM audio processor at the network origination point and who need a processor at every transmitter to eliminate network STL overshoots.

A 10 MHz frequency reference input allows the stereo pilot tone frequency to be locked to GPS or another high-accuracy frequency standard. This improves the performance of single-frequency networks in areas where coverage of the transmitters overlaps. The availability of analog and digital inputs, two composite outputs with independent level controls and two subcarrier inputs (one of which can be repurposed to emit a 19 kHz pilot reference output for RDS/RBDS generators) permit hassle-free interfacing in any FM transmitter plant.

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